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The OCDCentre

We offer highly effective treatment programmes designed by clinicians with OCD to provide tangible, lasting relief for people suffering from OCD.


How we work

Our therapy programme, which we have named "Skills for Life", works with you and for you. It is designed to be an integral part of your life, and, your loved ones. Each person with OCD is different and so are we. If you need face to face contact, we can arrange this at venues in London and New York.  If you are looking for a fast recovery, our intensive course is well known.  If you aren't in London or New York we have effective telephone and online treatment options. Whatever the severity of your OCD and circumstance, we are here to talk.


The 5-Day Intensive Programme

Our Skills for Life Programme works because it is highly specialized. It has been developed over years of teaching and refining the skills with thousands of people treated by the OCDCentre. It works because it is 'solution' and not 'problem-based' and empowers the client to be their own therapist. All our therapists have OCD. If the Programme didn't work, day in, day out, we wouldn't be able to either.
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Other Therapy Options

Besides our 5-Day Intensive Programme, The OCDCentre has a range of therapy options to meet your immediate needs.
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